Friday, March 6, 2009

p90x - day 4

Tony wasn't kidding about the yoga!

It was nice and it felt so good, but it was a lot! We didn't do the whole thing. I kind of feel bad for not doing the whole thing but I have to remember that last night was the first time I have ever done yoga. It had me sweating more than when I do the strength training workouts. I have no idea that stretching could do so much!

Tonight we have legs and something else. I'm excited to see what I can do.

I know it has only been going on for 4 days now, but I'm super proud of myself for doing it. It isn't an easy program to stick with and I can say that if I weren't doing it with someone (that comes to my house every night), I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have done as much as I did. It's very hard to find the energy and the time for any workout program because of the children, the husband, the house and other things that drop their load on my head, but I have been working out in one form or another since November 13th. I did take a couple weeks off for Christmas as mentioned in a previous post and I did take a couple weeks off for the nasty/funky toe, but this has been some kind of record for me. I am down like 25 pounds and that isn't bad!

I'm proud of me!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

P90X - day 3

Ok, so Day 3 we did chest and back and let me tell you that it is 10 times more difficult than shoulders and arms. I'm super tight today. I have been up for about 3 hours now and the soreness is starting to set in. It feels so nice. I pushed myself hard last night and every time I thought I couldn't do any more I did some more. My shoulders are sore, my chest is sore, my back is sore and my legs are sore.

About the workout:

I can't do a pull-up or a chin-up without assistance (my husband laughed at me because I couldn't do one, but he wasn't in there doing the workout). Tamara and I needed to use a chair for all the exercises on the bar. The push-ups were difficult to do at the end and i had to do them the sissy way. The way I look at it is that at least I'm doing it. My core isn't strong enough to do the standard push-up. Every time I try my lower back pulls. Anyway, the workout was fast paced and very hard. It got my heart rate going and I broke a sweat. We were very proud that we finished. There was one exercise that we couldn't do. Well, Tamara could do it better than I could. It looked like a porn star move but it was called the dive bomber. It was ridiculous!

About workout results:

I'm the same weight, which I expected. I think I need to be adding some cardio to get the results that I really need. I'm so happy that I'm actually feeling this! I know that I sound really crazy saying that, but I need to feel sore! I'm hoping that by the end of the first 30 days I can drop 8 pounds. That may be a crazy goal, but I know I can do it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's been a long time!

Ok, so I know it's been a long time. What can I say?

I have to excuses for the absence.
1. The holidays... they came, saw and conquered me in every possible meaning of the word.
2. I do taxes, enough said.

Anyway, enough of the bull. During the holidays I pretty much did whatever I wanted, literally. I took the 2 weeks and the end of December to get in everything that I wanted. Jan 4th came and I was hardcore into dieting and exercising. I lost 15 pounds in the month of January. It was awesome, I felt great. Bad part about that is I took #1 to get her toes done with me and I came back with a staph infection. It was so nasty on so many levels. I couldn't wear shoes for a while. I was so happy that this didn't happen during the cold months of the year, haha. I finally was able to get a shoes back on in the middle of last week, so that was good news. During that time the exercising stopped. It was a sad time. I had no energy for anything.

My friend Tamara and I decided to start up p90x this past Monday. We were both really scared and nervous especially from everything that we both have read about the program. Here is what we have done so far:
Monday - Shoulders and Arms (we were suppose to start out on back and chest but I don't have pull-up bar)
Tuesday - Plyometrics

Tonight we are doing the back and chest. I'm going by the store to grab a pull-up bar so we can do everything that they are doing. We have been rather disappointed that we aren't sore. I'm pretty sure that this is our learning curve week. We shall see though. We are going to actually finish what we start tonight. The first night we finished mostly everything. It was a struggle. I think I need to push myself more and work on what I can do with what weights. The second night, with the plyometrics, was challenging. We had a goal of 30 minutes and we did just that. I have a bum knee and it wasn't use to all the jumping, lunges and squats. We also weren't able to do the ab ripper on Monday because the floor is too hard, so Tamara picked us up some mats yesterday at her gym. We found out why the abs weren't made to go after plyometrics, it's because nothing is made to go after that. I have seriously never done so much jumping around. My husband came up stairs from his "man cave" to make sure that we weren't wrestling bears.

I'll try and keep this updated as the days past.

Also something I need to work better on is my food intake.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last Night

I realized last night that I need something. I need the drive. I need to get something inside me that helps me do what I need to do.

I'm so tired all the time. I have so much that I'm doing with my two. #1 is in cheerleading and #2 is cutting teeth. I just don't have any energy. I want so bad to do something for me but when it gets to be the time I can actually get my fat butt on the eliptical I'm so tired I just want to stare at the wall. I don't know what to do. I want to be healthy so badly. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I don't know what to do.

I think I'm going to take some time this weekend and research a bit. I really want to know how movement effects one's body. I know that it's a good thing, I just want to know exactly what it does.

I need to have a powerful WHY!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

um yeah.....

Well today is Tuesday and I have been doing rather well with the eating. I eat about every 3-4 hours and most of the time it's pretty good stuff. I say most of the time because I sneak in cookies some of the time. The only thing that I need to do now is keep on track and start up the exercise. Tonight I'm going to get moving. My chest feels better and I feel better, so tonight is the night.

I think that I'm going to cut down on my carbs. I think that's a good idea. I eat a lot of bad for me carbs. I'm not talking about cutting everything out completely but I'm going to cut out most the sweets and things like that.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blah to the blah


Not so much to report today. I'm down another pound, so that is amazing.

I have been under the weather so my family had to suffer through sandwiches for dinner last night. At least they had grapes with their sandwiches.

Yesterday I did really well with my eating. I was super hungry when I got home though so I went ahead and ate my sandwich, homemade chicken salad, and 6 cookies. Yea, I said it, SIX cookies. I ate them before 5:30 though so that is better then eating it after, right? I didn't eat anything after that unless you count the medicine my husband woke me up to take.

I totally hate that I ate those 6 cookies. I wasn't hating it at the time though. It made me feel good until I got done and realized what I had done. Apparently I had gone into a cookie comma. It must have been the combination of the chocolate chips and the little colored candies. Who really knows how it happens. All I know is that I came to with chocolate on my face and hands. Oh well, I shall not eat them today. Unless I feel the need, no, not going to do it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Down with the sickness...

You have to be, with one kid in the school system and the other in daycare. My house was a bundle of nastiness this weekend. Snot, boogers, and loogies were flying all about in my house this weekend. It's funny, I never knew a 4 month old could shoot snot rockets that far until this past weekend.

The most lovely part about having children is when they are so awesome enough to share their lovely sickness with you because Lord knows that is the only thing they will share with you.

Good news on the weight front though. I guess a diet of snot and phlegm is good for one's weight loss goals. I am down 4 pounds now. I did start losing a little last week before the nastiness and I still tried to not eat so terribly. Yesterday I kinda blew it though; I had a HUGE sweet tooth and then right after it was satisfied I was hit with the urge to eat very salty. Not so good. For dinner I made homemade chicken noodle soup and it was yummy. Not too many calories so that was good.

Today I'm hoping to get back on the 1200 calorie thing. WISH ME LUCK!